Prescription Meds from UK to Portugal

Does anyone know if a family member can post my actual prescription meds to me from the UK to Portugal.
The medication isn’t available here so has to be sent but not sure if this is allowed and would it also be subject to EU import tarriff?

I’m also curious, especially for things like CBD or THC gummies for my wife’s anxiety, I don’t believe they’re available to buy in Portugal

Though I suppose shipping from the USA to Portugal is a bit different

I dunno, I saw a massive sign for a CBD store this morning in the Praca de Republica (one of the two main squares) in Ericeira so I’m thinking CBD gummies are available in Portugal. THC, I don’t know.

THC is still illegal in Portugal. CBD products are available.

I am not trying to get CBD or THC etc just my my regular Meds that aren’t available in Portugal?

Debbie, I suggest you simply check the Royal Mail/DHL/Fedex websites for the allowed items to be shipped.
They have a full list there of what is allowed and what not.

Alternatively, you can just purchase online out of Portugal from online pharmacies that would deliver to Portugal.
As you may know there are online pharmacies that deliver to the UK based on your prescription (or sometimes even without one). I am sure some of them deliver to Portugal just the same.

Many thanks ,for that. I drove across the border to Spain today and discovered they are available over the counter, fortunately we are only a 20 minute drive from Spain, so this particular problem solved. :relieved:

It is an offense for an individual to send drugs overseas from the UK if they are POMs ie require a prescription. Only a pharmacy with an export license can do so. Even a doctor is not allowed.

As for the import side all countries that I know of do not allow this. You can bring in prescription drugs on your person with the relevant prescription but you cant import. I doubt Portugal is different.