Healthcare options in Lisbon without Residency Visa

I’m in the process of buying a vacation home in Lisbon, which no longer qualifies for GV. I do not plan to stay there initially six months or longer every year to apply for D7.
I am concerned, what do I do for healthcare if I get sick while I am staying abroad in my home in Lisbon, do I have access to local health healthcare options without being a GV or D7 visa holder as a tourist living there short term ?

You can easily get travel insurance in your home country that will cover you, or you can pay as you go at the private hospitals - it’s not outrageously expensive. You can try your luck in the public system but it’s really overwhelmed right now so probably not a great option unless a dire emergency, where it’s the place you go.

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Thank you! I will look into travel insurance, but what I heard also was if you stay longer than 60 days outside your home country the travel insurance does not stay valid also so there’s different limitations. I guess it may vary depending on plan. Do you know if Portuguese insurance companies will provide insurance for private healthcare to a non-resident? If I have a TIN number and Portuguese bank account number but no residency?

You may find useful

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We use private health care provider FC Saude, and have done so for several years. They do home visits, and are reasonably priced. We get in-home massages, and during COVID they did in-home testing.

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thanks , will research their options ! The age range is up to 49, do you know if you are a member and age out, do they drop you ? I am not far from that age , lol