Healthcare w/pre-existing cardiovascular condition

We could really use some help here: early next year we are planning to retire to Portugal. We need healthcare. My husband had a bypass 5 years ago.
Does anyone know of a private insurer that will insure, without excluding this pre-existing condition?
We are not nomads :slightly_smiling_face: Looking to stay put in PT as soon as we figure this out. Thanks!

Hello Julie,

Please forgive me for not giving you an answer specific to Portugal (your retirement location). I feel that your insurance is only as good as your healthcare provider (I have no knowledge of providers I can recommend to you in Portugal). The only two hospitals I consider for myself, my family or to recommend is Prince Court Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok Thailand. They are both world class hospitals and you will be hard pressed to find any hospital that can match/beat their quality and prices.

Please find below links to the list of international health insurance providers that either reimburse or make direct payments to these hospitals.

Because these two hospitals are in a totally different continent and country from your original plan, you may want to consider retirement there also. You may be surprised to find that one or both countries meet your retirement goals and will not break the bank. (Look at Chiang Mai for Thailand and Kuala Lumpur for Malaysia).

Please also find below an international medical insurer I found interesting.

I hope you find something useful with the info I sent and wish you and your family all the best and a happy retirement…

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The National Health Service in Portugal (Serviço Nacional de Saude) provides free healthcare to Portuguese citizens. Unfortunately, Americans aren’t eligible for this free healthcare until they’ve lived in the the country for five years and have become permanent residents. If you are coming to Portugal on a Golden Visa you will start with permanent resident status and will qualify to treatment under the national healthcare system right away.

If you are not going the Golden Visa route you will need private health insurance which will in all likelihood exclude pre-existing conditions. The only private health insurance that is likely to overlook that is a group policy like you might get as part of your employment contract.

Thank you very much Callum for responding.

We are aware of the Golden Visa but staying on the topic of healthcare for a 75 year old, MGEN’s private health insurance is such that there is no age limit. Of course the costs are higher and they do have a 90-day grace period where one is not covered for pre-existing conditions (understandable) but that has been a phenomenal discovery for us. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: