Any recommendations for a good international expat healthcare provider or plan?

Does anyone have any recommendations for good health insurance providers that offer coverage to international clients/expats?

I’m based mostly in Portugal but travel quite a bit and am wondering if I should use a local private health insurance outfit (avg. cost for a comprehensive family plan with some dental coverage thrown in is about ~€170 total per month for myself and my wife) or take out a plan with a non-PT based insurer? I’m not too bothered about the overall cost, I just want a solid plan and no bullshit if I need to make a claim.

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Personally I’m using MSH International (based in France) with a relatively high yearly deductible (€750 in my case). I haven’t had any major claims with them yet, but my friends who have said the process was quick and painless.

Since dental increases the premiums a lot, and you’re unlikely to ever be hit with a huge dental bill (more than you would be able to pay for out of pocket), I don’t think that’s worth it. Financially, you’re better off only insuring for outcomes that would have a severe negative impact on your net worth (or even bankrupt you). Rather take what you save in premiums every year and set up your own little “self insurance fund”. Just invest it in an index fund, and whenever you have dental expenses, just sell parts of the fund to cover it.


Thanks @tkrunning :slight_smile: Will check them out (the best looking PT one I’ve found so far seems to be Medis).

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I read some of your article about travel insurance, but I’m in the situation you mentioned, where I need the said worldwide primary health insurance. Do you have any suggestions on finding a health insurance that will cover be in a specific set of Lain American countries until December? I’m from Denmark but I don’t have a registered address anywhere in the world, and therefore I don’t have right to healthcare in Denmark before I move back.

All the insurance companies I have talked to have an issue with this, unfortunately.

I’m also interested in worldwide primary health insurance for expats. I’ve read @tkrunning’s excellent article, but Safety Wing hasn’t launched their primary health insurance plan yet.

I’ve only been researching expat health insurance for about a week. What I’ve found so far:

  • Cigna Global spams and calls you to no end to sign up if you ever give your contact details to ask for a quote
  • International Medical Group (IMG) has plans comparable in benefits with US-based plans, at a significantly lower cost. See my research on IMG.