Global expat health insurance

Following our experiences over Covid, we are considering no longer spending 180 days a year in our main home country. We will need to switch to global expat health insurance. Does anyone have good experiences with providers to recommend? :blush:

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I like to add that it depends a lot on the country of choice.I am in India,and its not convenient for people to let the insurance pay.Standard is lower yes,but an expensive private insurance plan doesnt raise this standard,and doesnt make things available either.There are also different hospitals,expensive private once with newer equipment,thise run by NGOs or churches and all in between.
Locals can tell which one is the best option ,and most expensive is not best always.I know people who had a gallbladder operation for half the price in a hospital run by an indian christian denomination to provide affordable treat meant for the public.
Instead of paying a few hundred dollars every year,I would invest it in a healthy diet and lifestyle and keep a few thousand aside for emergency,maybe invested in a REIT with some return and the ability to take it out out when needed.
Insurance is not compulsary,so better invest the money well.
But it depends on the country you stay in.My experience of India only.(NE ,Guwahati)For major treatments people normally fly home anyway.That would be something thats expensive and if the insurance covers it it makes sense.