What are you using for insurance?


(Thomas K. Running) #1

Hey guys, I’ve finally started writing an article about how to deal with insurance as a digital nomad (both travel :rocket: and health :ambulance:).

I’ve personally used a mix of traditional travel insurance providers (such as WorldNomads), credit card coverage, worldwide primary health insurance for expats, and now I’m using a new provider that I can tell you more about in a few days.

But to make the article as good as possible, I’d love to hear how you all are dealing with insurance!

So what travel and health insurance do you use, and why?

Thanks for helping me with the research :wink: :bowing_man:

(Philip Broughton-Mills) #2

I’ll be paying attention to the answers to this because I currently have no health insurance. I’ve been a perpetual traveller in Europe for 5 years, with no permanent address. My British EHIC expired after 6 months, I can’t get travel insurance because my journey is longer than 1 year, and I can’t register for national insurance (currently in France) because I have no proof of address since I’m not the homeowner so don’t pay any bills. I looked at Bupa etc but they all quote me around €3,000 per year when I’m thinking more like €500. I want to do it legitimately because it would be a nightmare to be refused medical treatment because I gave a dodgy address.

(Thomas K. Running) #3

Hey @pbm, as long as you get insurance with a high deductible it’s definitely possible to hit that €500 mark. While they are probably not the best provider out there, IMG is definitely cheap. For about $500 you can get Worldwide coverage (including the US) with a $2500 yearly deductible ($5000 in the US). And it definitely beats no insurance!

(Lukas) #4

Perfect timing! I definitely need one before march and was about to post about this topic here. Unfortunately I can’t contribute anything, but really looking forward to the article!

(Philip Broughton-Mills) #5

Thanks for the advice Thomas! I don’t know why I was wary of raising my deductible before, it makes sense, I’m happy to pay a few thousand, so IMG looks perfect.

(Gustaf) #6

I am using MSH International with a high deductible. I have done a number of claims and am very happy with it.

(Thomas K. Running) #7

Thanks @gustaf, I’ll look into them!

For everyone else, do you have any particular questions you’d like answered by my article?

(Lukas) #8

Can’t think of a particular question right now, but I need an insurance starting March 1st. Will you publish the article in time or should I go find one myself? :smiley:

(Thomas K. Running) #9

ETA is this week or next :slight_smile: Hopefully towards the lower end of that. If I still haven’t published it in two weeks, just DM me and I’ll share my current draft! :rocket:

(Thomas K. Running) #10

It would be super useful if I any of you could answer some of these questions: :rocket:

  • What’s your insurance setup while traveling? Are you still covered for health care in your home country?
  • Have you ever had to make claims? What was your experience with the particular provider?
  • Have you used BrokerFish? Do you think they are trustworthy and unbiased?
  • Have you had issues getting coverage due to age or pre-existing conditions? If so, did you find a good solution?
  • Do you have any experience dealing with prescriptions while traveling full-time? How does that work?
  • Have you tried to get compensation from airlines for lost luggage (in case you don’t have travel insurance covering the loss?
  • Any other tips, tricks or learnings you think would be valuable for a wider audience?

Thanks so much! :bowing_man: