Property payment from abroad

As a EU citizen is it legally required to pay for my appartment from a Portuguese bank account ? I already paid the CPCV deposit from Andorra with no problem or what are the pros and cons ?

Depends on the purpose of your transaction.
If it’s a simple property purchase then I am not aware of any restrictions on the buyer’s bank account.

If it’s a transaction to support some visa application - then check the visa requirements.

Many thanks
It is simply exclusively to complete the purchase of our future residential property

and open the bank account later

By restrictions I mean some delays or controls above a certain amount by central bank ?

I am not aware of any, but best you double check with your conveyancing solicitor (lawyer).

So far after checking, lawyer did not go against and even bank contact asked why I would transfer to them and later to seller ,

only issue not 100% typical is payment is normally made at the moment of deed signing

As well as IMT and Selo tax

Agent trusts vendor as CPCV was signed