Putting GV investment into a will?

Hi all!
Does anyone have experience putting their GV investment into a will? My wife and I are thinking if we die before this process is compete, we would want our affairs to be in order. We have a will set for all our assets here in US already. Our estate lawyer advised this needed to be done by a local lawyer in Portugal. Does anyone have any experience with this or recommendations of PT estate firms that handle this? Thanks!


excellent question, with this eternal wait we must think about those things

The attorney handling our golden visa application was able to draft a will for our portuguese property for a fairly minimal fee. We had to appear in front of a notary in portugal to finalize it. Seemed very boilerplate and easy.

Anyone have any experience with non-property investments? Iā€™d prefer not to have to burden my family with probate in Portugal (or whatever is the equivalent).

Turns out my PT lawyers who handled my application (Prime Legal) can also handle this. But yes, I need to be there in person to do it. So once my 1wk/year requirement starts I will do it then.