Quantum Capital Evora Hotel project

We are considering pursuing our Golden Visa with Quantum Capital via a 280,000 investment in a hotel project in Evora.

Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) working with this company? They appear to be relatively new.

Thank you!

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Hi, Tim! Have you considered spreading your investment out into diverse funds? We invested in 3 funds, each designed for the GV, and each in a discrete economic area. Other than that, sorry but I do not know Quantum Capital. There is great comparative info on NomadGate about many qualifying GV funds, and you can make your own comparison of costs, time periods, etc. Good luck!

The fund option is now at 500,000 euros to qualify for GV whereas this question is about a 280,000 euros investment. The fund option might be cost prohibitive for this investor.

Here’s a prior thread about Quantum if you have not seen it yet, though it does not look like there is a lot of info there: Quantum Capital

Hello. We did make the investment with Quantum into the Evora project (using MFG). The experience has been good so far. I haven’t seen an update in a while, last one was November but there’s a ways to go on this one. They have this project in Evora, one in Lisbon and another one in Lisbon that is an office project. Communication was good and getting back our initial deposit after making the full investment went smoothly. Long way to go, so can’t speak to anything but the initial steps to date. Thanks.

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Have similar experience as @marks1117

I’m curious to know what made you make a statement like that. What makes the €280k investments of lower quality? I would have thought their price point would be based more on location and overall size of project. Couldn’t you make a €350k project a €280k project just by adding a few more investors?

We work with this developer. Very happy to share ours and our clients experiences with them so far.