Question for other GV investors: timeline

Hi all, we finally made the transfer from our bank to the GV investment firm we are using (Blue Crow). I believe they received the money late last week.

Our bank says they are now waiting to receive the investment “units” from Blue Crow. How long does this usually take?

We haven’t heard back from Blue Crow about their timeline yet, and are getting nervous. Is it normal for this to take a week? Longer? Any advice you have would be great.

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You should ask BlueCrow to get the declaration and you have to get a declaration from the bank that you subscribed to the investment fund and a certificate that you transferred the money from outside Portugal, these two steps should take just one week.

Thank you, that’s super helpful!

Helpful tip:

If you do not follow up on things, they may well not happen anytime soon. Not that you want to pester, but something like a weekly or bi-weekly check in might not go amiss. But don’t expect anything to happen instantaneously either. It might, it might not.