Real Estate (agricultural land) investors in Eastern European market?

Are there real-estate investors in the community? Specifically, agricultural land in Eastern Europe?

This article from International Trade Administration sparked curiosity some time ago. I’ve gone into multiple rabbit holes about investing into agricultural land in Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe (safer options like Bulgaria, Poland, etc). The ROI numbers look great on paper and based on conversations with lawyers and couple of land owners in Ukraine seems like it might be a great investment - comes with lots of risk, but I’m accounting for that given the returns are high.

I have years of trial and error in STRs market. Have no experience with land specifically. What would you advice to read or what to look out for when buying land plots? If you have investments like these, what’s your story and reasoning behind going into this market?

Also, I’m wondering if there’s a community around this topic? Would be cool to share some insights with like-minded!

Can’t say I have any special personal knowledge, but I am intrigued by the topic and would be keen to learn more!

After vising Ukraine and having talks with locals that are related to agricultural land business I’ve made a conclusion it’s highly risky investment and risky in terms of personal safety :sweat: Gave up on the idea for the nearest future.