Real Estate in Porto with financing for the purpose of GV

Hi, a firm came to my previous country of residence in Asia and presented a restoration project in Porto, they seemed to be salespeople of the project/developer and with a consulting firm that handles GV. I recall them saying that financing was possible but then when I asked a few other agencies via email, only cash transactions are allowed. Can you share any info on this please, and if there really is/or is not any financing for foreigners who want to buy property for GV purposes? Thank you in advance.


The answer I got when asking about financing is this:

The goal of the Golden Visa is to bring money into Portugal. So for example if you want to qualify for the 350 thousand real estate option, you must bring in 350 thousand from another country. That is usually cash but if you can get a loan from a non-Portuguese bank that is also allowed.

If you buy a property that is more expensive than the qualifying amount, for example a 400 thousand property but it’s a renovation so you only need 350 thousand to qualify for the visa, you can bring in 350 thousand and get the excess 50 thousand as a loan from a Portuguese bank.

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Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated!!

Yes getting financing from non Portugese source is allowed but you never know when that can change and it can be up for interpretation.

One administration might be ok with it and the next might not be.

You best invest the whole amount without financing if possible as it can lead to issues down the road if you try to short cut.