Recommendation for Law firm in Porto for D7 visa


I am planning to apply for D7 visa in Jan.2023. Already have NIF and bank account opened. Looking forward to get recommendation regarding the lawyer at Porto, which can assist in getting long term lease and submission of application related activities.

Hello, I’m in the same situation. I have my NIF and my bank account already active in Portugal. Honestly you don’t need a law firm to represent you for D7 visa. You can do it all by yourself. However, not everyone is comfortable nor would I recommend to remotely acquire a property for lease if you’ve never been in Portugal. The main focus should be the rental or purchase of a property which you better have a good and reputable law firm to make sure you’re not going to be scammed. :grimacing:

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What are the steps for a D7? Were you to want to do it yourself

Following are the steps :
Getting NIF ( tax number), based on this number ; opening bank account; getting rent agreement, transferring money to your account ( equivalent to minimum prescribed).