Replacing Millennium BCP to another bank due to high fees

How about using the complaints book? That seems to get action from businesses.

Where I can find the complaints book, do you know?

I believe there’s at least two complaints books in PT:


That’s very helpful info, thanks.

I imagine your stress, but your case is maybe better, as I had an unresolved issue for 2 years with Millennium BCP… I had kept approaching the account manager (assigned to me) by phone (from oversea at night), email, whatsapp, skype, and she completely ignored me for 2 years.

The problem was she incorrectly registered my address as well as my name. How could she make such an easy mistake for the customer’s name? It was very important to apply for GV. I was nervous not to reject the visa application due to her mistake…

I included all email addresses I knew into the correspondence. No one in that group ever resolved this easy request just for revising my name and address. Eventually I got a visa, but afterward, I visited an office (not the one the previous account manager works), then my data correctly registered. And they told me “your name is difficult”.

I agree that Millennium BCP charges high fees for this level of services. Please share any alternatives here. :pray:


Have you tried Activo bank? The account is in English and Portuguese

My first bank account too was from Banco BPI. I am thankful to them for helping me when I was new in PT but biy, paying 7.99 + 0.20 every month is a bit too steep.
If you are employed, it is 4.99 + 0.20 for you. I hear Activo and CTT do not charge anything! Banking fees in PT are ridiculously expensive.

I too am fed up with the Prestige Account Management process at Millenium BCP - ignored emails, no pro-active contact & fees at 15.6 pcm. I bleated to my solicitor about terminating them but as Jeff B says, they said “don’t do it” just in case SEF/AIMA wants to “re-confirm” your source of funds for the real estate purchase etc. “Wait until your first card, then do it…”
I had with foresight set up an ActivoBank account (no fees !) at the same time as the BCP thinking that I would slam BCP once I paid 60 for the certificate, and snuck in just before they started requiring a permanent visa to open an account. But coincident to this, Activo must be doing some internal due diligence, & has just in the last two days hit me with a heap of proof documents request and are (get this) astounded that I don’t have a visa yet after my ARI application of late 2021. Be interesting to see if I get terminated by them - then I will be getting my 15 pcm value from BCP…