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Even though it may be obvious to people who are already aware of these things, I don’t know the official websites. Since I’m doing investing without actually knowing about the organization, I would like to safeguard against scam. E.g everybody mentions Bison bank, but what is the link to bison bank website so I can verify the email address? Here are some I’m working on. Please let me know if this is correct.


Bison Bank

Verification: CMVM

The Bison Bank link is correct.


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Does someone know if imga web address is correct?

I had similar questions. It is good you are doing your due diligence. I recalled watching a YouTube video that is moderated by a woman who is an attorney at a solid firm in Portugal and is also the head of the Tourism Investment Board in Portugal - not sure of name. The video is a presentation/discussion on GV, banking, etc., for GV investors in Portugal. Point being, Sara Sousa Rebolo arguably adds legitimacy and may be a good contact to “safety check” everything before you send funds anywhere."T%3FT"%20%20%20
(needs portuguese vpn)

Banco BIC (AKA Eurobic)