Restrictive countries

Hi. I opened an account with Revolut when I lived in an EU country and it worked flawlessly. However, as an English Teacher I often work in countries considered less than ideal in the West. For example, The Ukraine and Lybia.

I’m looking for solutions to deposit restrictions. I still have the Revolut account, and withdrawing funds via ATM or POS transactions, but I am unable to top up the balance because the source country of the funds is on a restrictive list somewhere.

Are there any truly international banks like Revolut out there that are not regionally restricted?

Thanks for your help.

Can anyone help me with this?

How are you trying to top up? Via an international SWIFT transfer from the country where you are, paying with cash? Or do you have local bank accounts?

Anyway, there are certain countries that will appear on pretty much any blacklist, although I’m a bit surprised that Ukraine would be on such a list. I know TransferWise can send money to Ukraine at least, but I don’t think you can send from Ukraine—at least not in UAH. Perhaps they would accept incoming SWIFT transfers in USD or EUR from Ukraine, if you can make a local bank there execute that for you?

EDIT: It looks like you can receive SWIFT payments in EUR from Ukraine to TW, see this article.

I can ask about a USD or Euro account. With Revolut, I add funds through my debit card, so it’s not a wire transfer… it’s more like a POS transaction.

As soon as I have a local visa or mastercard debit card here, I’ll try to add it to Revolut and deposit money through it. Then I’ll let everyone know how that worked out.

Revolut told me they cannot accept wired funds from any point of origin in The Ukraine… so something is going on that I don’t understand. Even with proof of fund’s origin (my work contract), they will not accept it…

TW. Very interesting. I’ll look into that. Thank you.

Sincerely Marc Hodgson


A sometimes useful source for restrictions such as described here:

Thanks. I see there are sanctions against a number of individuals, but not against the Ukraine as a whole that I can see.

Posible options
A - use Western union to send money to a friends and have him TopUp your account…
B - find a local receiving money from a relative in UK; have his relative deposit equivalent value to your account, give the local the same amount…
…nothing really awesome !:grimacing::cowboy_hat_face: