Second background check and apostille for Portugal visa?

I have seen a few messages alluding to a need for a second criminal background check and apostille before the visa is issued. I am awaiting an opening for a biometrics appointment and I am striving to be proactively prepared, to expedite the completion of the process. My lawyers have not mentioned this requirement.

From what Iā€™ve been reading online, some folks feel that the requirement is met by submitting the unexpired background check, apostille, and 2 professional translations at the time of application. Others believe that the documents must be renewed before visa issuance. I have not seen any conclusive evidence to resolve the question.

Can anyone share firsthand experience with this requirement, or pointers to guidance from official or reputable sources?

Thank you!

Hi there, I had the same quesiton.

My lawyers advised me that some cities require a valid criminal background check at the biometrics check. I guess it depends on who you get at the counter.

Today I saw a comment of valid criminal records being needed a third time, that got me confused.

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I feared as much! :sweat_smile: