Criminal Records

I am preparing to apply for the GV and the criminal records seems to be riskier document to get it wrong.

I have been living outside by country of birth for more than 2 years, my plan is to return to my home country while I wait for the GV process, but I am afraid that can cause some problems down the line.

I understand the Criminal records must be valid at the time of approval AND during the in-person biometrics colletion in Portugal. Considering the current timelines and the 3 months validity, it means the document must be issued twice.

Any thoughts? Tthanks!

or more, sadly.

Why more than twice? (I am considering I will have time to issue a new one between knowing the appointment date and actually having to be in Portugal for the biometrics).

I think whenever we submit the application documents to SEF(initial, renewal) or whenever we have an in person appointment with SEF, it is expected we provide a history check document issued within the last 3 months.