SEF ARI Portal - Did you register yourself or just let lawyer handle this?

For those of you who have submitted your GV application, did you register yourself on the SEF ARI portal or did you just let your lawyer handle everything?

And, if you let your lawyer handle everything, do you have access to the SEF ARI site such that you are able to see the status of your application and say book your own appointment for biometrics if a slot happens to open up?

Ideally, my attorney and I would each have separate accounts but could see the same information about my application and that either of us could for example book an appointment, but not sure how the site is setup.

I have not yet registered but from what I know by speaking with lawyers is that you can have these options:

  1. Lawyers register - you will have NO access as the lawyers handle multiple client accounts under single login hence they cannot share it with you.
  2. You register - you will certainly have access but your lawyers will not. Technically you can share your login/password with your lawyer if you want them to do something on the portal, like checking appointment slots.

Thanks. That unfortunately was what I was suspecting.

I like my lawyer/firm and trust them so not having direct access wouldn’t normally bother me. However, given how hard it is to get an appointment for biometrics, it would have been nice if either me or my lawyer could have booked one when something opens up. Instead, looks like I’m going to be subject to them jumping on an appointment and hoping that I can make it over to PT in time…

I’ve finished the whole process recently, and this is how it is at the moment.
The lawyer registers on SEF portal on your behalf. You can do it yourself, but there is no difference.
There is one account meaning 1 username and 1 password. You both can access it, if you want - no problem here, just share the login. No benefit either. The lawyer is indicated in the application as your representative.
If you hire a lawyer to handle the process for you - she/he will upload your documents and schedule an appointment instead of you. That’s all that you can do at the portal - 1 time upload, and 1 appointment.

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Is there a settings somewhere to change that login email?

Not that I see of. I only see the email of the representative as an editable field.

Hi All, just as an update - I registered myself on the SEF portal without a reference to my lawyer.
As per above notes, I have done that to ensure I have full control over the documents being submitted, and also to have the ability for scheduling the SEF appointments by myself.

I also thought it would be possible to add my lawyer’s email during the registration so that my lawyer could possibly log in as needed to help me with SEF appointments.
But it turned out the SEF portal requires that email to be already pre-registered with them somewhere by the lawyer.
So either my lawyer is registered with SEF under some other email address, or (most likely) they are not registered at all :cowboy_hat_face: