SEF portal

My lawyer registered our application using an address their law firm uses for many clients, leaving us without access to the SEF portal.

Does anyone know if it is possible for me to register a second account to gain access to our profile, without impacting the lawyer’s access or our application?


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This can be done during the initial stages, while setting up the account (ie before submission)- either by your lawyer or by you, see: HOWTO: SEF Account setup to allow your lawyer AND you to access the account. I have direct access, as well as my lawyer. Set up by my lawyer (whom I have known for a very long time).
However, thus far I have not seen a single post where access was obtained after the initial set-up/submission. In theory, this should be possible because, over the 5-year period, lawyers can be changed, and there has to be a way to hand-over from one set of lawyers to the next.


I assume it is probably possible, but not important enough to risk causing my application to get lost somehow…

Thanks for the reply.

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