Risk of switching GV lawyer?

I’m considering switching my GV lawyer in Portugal. However I heard that there is a small chance that when the original lawyer changes the email in the SEF system to the new lawyers email, it does not go through, and that the old lawyer will continue to receive the notifications. I don’t want to take any chances. Has anyone who switched lawyers had any problems? (I still am waiting for my pre-approval and biometrics.)

Interesting question. I’m also considering switching lawyers.

Does anyone have experience with this process? What are the risks?

Hope someone is able to answer as I’m thinking of doing the same. Sorry can’t help at the moment.

  1. Get your own access to the SEF portal (search for ‘howto’ on this forum)
  2. Switch lawyers
  3. Type your new lawyer’s email on the SEF portal → Save → Re-open → see if it is still there.
  4. Call your new lawyer to confirm that they have received the initial SEF notification email upon #3

I switched lawyers mid-way on my GV journey but my first lawyer was not even registered with SEF so no problem with ‘old email’ as he had none. I just typed in my 2nd lawyer email into the Portal and it worked.

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Thanks, really appreciated.

Anyone else?

That is great to know. What about all the physical documents that they have had for the past few years?

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I wonder whether it would help for you to have a screenshot of what the ARI portal looks like, and where the lawyer is listed/linked, and where the documents are uploaded (and can be replaced or deleted). I attach such a screenshot - uploaded by somebody else in this forum - attached.

When you change a lawyer, there are 3 possibilities:
(1) IF YOU HAVE DIRECT ACCESS to the ARI portal it means that you have the same rights as your lawyer to make changes in the ARI portal. So you can update/change the email for your lawyer in the section marked as “lawyer’s email”. This is what Tommy suggested:HOWTO: SEF Account setup to allow your lawyer AND you to access the account. Tommy has direct access (and so do I). But not everybody has direct access. Indeed, the realisation that the system permitted applicants and lawyers to have direct access was part of the benefits of being on this forum.
EITHER (i) you have to give your current lawyers the new lawyers’ address, and instruct your current lawyers to make the change on the ARI portal.
OR (ii) You can ask your new lawyers to effect the changes. If the new lawyers say they cannot do so, you will continue to search or a lawyer who can agree to deal with the contact changes necessary (ie liaise with the old lawyers to do so!).
I really cannot think of any other way around this. The ARI portal allows for changes, but the lawyers (or you) need to update the contact details.

The documentation already uploaded does not change, only the contact details of the lawyers will change. This last point is for @mahayacout who asks about the physical documents… The digitized documents remain on the portal until they are updated physically with a new/updated set at biometrics - when you bring physical copies (usually of apostilled stuff).

I should say, that if you go this route, make sure that you also have direct access, as well as your “new” lawyers. It will save a great deal of future frustration.