Changing law firm handling Golden Visa application

Hi All

Does anyone have any advice, experience or an opinion on changing a GV application to another firm of lawyers please?

I am at Stage 1, application submitted March 2023.

How is the process. Does the new Lawyer simply “take over” the application?

Thank you in advance.

What do you expect a new lawyer will do that your current lawyer is not? A March 2023 application is likely at least a year from seeing any movement, regardless of lawyer…

That’s a very optimistic update for a march 23 application.

I changed lawyers like 4 months ago because my old ones f■■■ed up my family reunification - basically sat on it and documents repeatedly such that they expired, delaying my wife’s inclusion by a year. So we fired them.

The new ones indeed basically take over, contacting the old ones with your permission and managing the handoff.

That said, the timeline you quoted is far from abnormal, so unless you have some reason to doubt their competence, a switch may be moot.

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I am not expecting anything on the GV front at all.

However I expect that the lawyer would not forget to show up at the Notary for our house purchase.

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Thank you very much indeed.

That is very helpful information.

I started a law suit but did not change attorneys for the initial GV just for the lawsuit. I am a March 23 as well. Used a different attorney for the lawsuit which is moving along at Portuguese pace. Hopefully I will have some movement in the next 2 months.

I am ok with it all as is, now that the clock started at day 1 since it all counts to the 5 years.

Before getting blown up I started a company and have 23 employees in Portugal now for my GV and really would like a visa so I can go to/forth easier. I don’t live there so it’s a pain to comply with 90 day rules in 1/2 year between visits to office, other companies and vacation.

Congratulations on your business enterprise.

Portugal should have welcomed you with open arms by now

I’m still happy with mine. I’ve applied for GV through her, her firm did a couple of civil actions for me. Also they are in a process of getting my prolonged residence permits through court with SEF now, and the process moves, seems that we’ll have our cards around summer.