Portugal Golden Visa application - should I change my lawyer?

Hi all,
Just wonder if any one of you could help me get away from this stuck situation:
I have completed all the property purchase process under the 350 K scheme. My current status with SEF is that my own application has been accepted since more than half a year ago. I have also given all my other three family members’ documents to the lawyer. But I don’t know why the lawyer has still not yet submitted their applications to the SEF. The only reason given by the lawyer is that it is very difficult to get an interview time slot with the SEF. As a layman I really don’t know why the lawyer need to wait until he can make an appointment with SEF before submitting my families members’ application.

Can any wise man see shed some lights on this?

Many many thanks!

Hi @andrewwu9929, I am not aware of any reason that the attorney would delay the family reunification application. We are earlier in the process and our attorney will be submitting the main applicant’s application soon, and they have indicated that the family reunification application will be submitted shortly after that (within a week). Does anyone else have any insights that may help @andrewwu9929?