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I’m a new member in this great , helpful community. I’m planning to apply for GV by investing with Mercan .I’m still in the stage of opening a bank account and obtaining a TAX ID and receiving the KYC from Mercan. Today , I have been informed that SEF stopped accepting new applications for GV until further notice. Is that true ? and if so, shall I continue with getting tax ID , opening bank account and signing the contract and transferring the money.

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Where did you hear this? We are in the process of researching and considering applying. Can you elaborate?

It is true that SEF ARI portal is not accepting new applications at the moment. It is unclear if you can still submit paper applications though. But practically, it is true that no applications are being submitted at the moment.

It is a temporary state - if you are aware it will take you close to 24 months by current timelines to get your first residence card and still want to proceed, you can proceed with all the other steps in anticipation of the portal opening back up - some say when budgets etc flow again - July timeframe maybe?


I heard that from an immigration consultant .I have checked with another consultant who advised that it is closed for online applications only but still working for applications in person or via a consulting company in Portugal.

I’m not sure how accurate these information are, but when I checked ARI - Application for a Golden Residence Permit online and chose any investment type but creation of ten jobs or supporting artistic work , it shows this massage "It is not possible to complete the application because the type of investment is awaiting regulation ".

I don’t know if this is the case when applying in person.

Hope someone can help!

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Can you please advise if we can apply in person or via a consulting company in Portugal?

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You can try it yourself. The link for ARI is

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SEF ARI portal is not accepting new applications at the moment except for the CULTURAL PRODUCTION VISA and maybe 1 more category unchanged from 2021

SEF portal is now operational, accepting new applications. But I’m not sure if it is updated for the new regulations…


I just saw this:

Dear Valued Investors,

We would like to inform the great news regarding Golden Visa News. On late evening, 13 June 2022, Portugal time, the ARI platform become operational again. The IAS team – partner consulting company of Mercan Group is submitting all investors that were pending and that we had provided us with the documents for submission.

We trust that the government is doing everything in their power to act in order to solve any disruptions that the ARI Platform was having in the past months.

Mercan Group will keep you posted on any further updates.

Mercan Asia

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