SEF Pre-Approval : Sharing Status

Now that the biometrics seem to be moving again, I thought it may help to create a tracking thread for the times it took for pre-approval with the SEF as well, like the thread around the SEF Appointment thread.

Applied and paid: October 25
SEF Pre-approval: Still waiting…

Can any others that applied in the last year or so share their application and pre-approval dates? I think I have read a couple of posts here and there - some at 2 months, and some at 6+ months. Recent data would be most valuable of course.


I applied and paid in November. Still waiting on preapproval!

I have paid on October 10th, and still waiting on pre-approval.

Applied and paid early December, nothing so far of course

28 Oct 2021 SEF notification to pay. Paid 2 Nov. 2021. Await pre-approval.

Applied and paid early November 2021

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Paid in late September 2021. Yesterday got pre-approval for me and dependents.
~3.5 months of waiting


Thanks to Jim for starting the thread, and Andy for the data point.

I submitted and paid late November, for myself and then my dependents. Sounds like probably ~2 more months to go.


Submitted end of July 2021, still waiting on pre-approval. Seems the time one could be waiting varies greatly based on the specific person at SEF who is assigned to your case.

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Submitted: September 3 2021
Pre-Approval: November 29 2021 (dependants), December 2 2021 (applicant)


applied and paid: July 1, 2021
SEF pre-approval: September 1
SEF biometrics appointment: … still waiting …

Wow, that was quick!


My application still pending for the pre-approval since 27th of October

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Similar timeline for me and family.
We applied and paid: August 20, 2021
We got SEF pre-approval: October 20, 2021
But we are still waiting for our biometric appointments.

Thanks for the info! I also submitted end of September (23rd) but haven’t gotten pre-approval yet. Did you also have the red message saying “ Não é possível concluir a candidatura porque o tipo de investimento aguarda regulamentação” before you got your approval? This is assuming that you had access to your portal.

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Yes, I had this message. Before and after pre-aproval. Even now this message is displayed

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Application accepted and paid on Oct 12. Nothing on pre-approval yet.

Application accepted and fees paid on Nov 5th. No word yet.

Applied in Oct beginning. No updates till now. Is there any way of tracking when the pre approval will come ?

This thread :smiley: