Sign and share the petition: For the Defense of Portugal's Image and Reputation among International Investors

Petition to amend the proposed changes to Portugal’s Golden Visa program

PAIIR – Portuguese Association of Investment, Immigration and Relocation set up a petition to try to sway the Portuguese government and parliament to make adjustments to the proposed (potentially retroactive) Golden Visa amendments. I encourage everyone to sign and share it far and wide (especially to any related groups on social media). Have your spouse sign it, your children, parents, dogs and cats, and so on. (On a serious note, don’t sign on behalf of your pets.)

Sign the petition here and verify your signature through the email they send to you after signing:

Note 1: In the field that asks for your citizens card, in the case you haven’t already received a Portuguese residence permit you can enter any valid ID number instead (e.g. your foreign passport number).

Note 2: If you leave a comment (optional) it’ll be published on this page. If you do, I encourage you to keep a civil tone—and luckily it seems most people do. It’s OK to be disappointed and frustrated with the proposal, but let’s show that we’re nice people that will contribute a lot to Portugal given the chance.

Note 3: After signing you’ll have to verify the signature through the email they send to you for it to count. You’ll have to click on the second link in the email (example of the link below).

Here’s the full text of the petition, machine-translated to English:

For the Defense of Portugal’s Image and Reputation among International Investors

To: Your Excellency the President of the Republic, Your Excellency the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Your Excellency the Prime Minister

More than 10 years ago, the Government had to ask for international foreign aid to ensure the financing of Portugal and the Portuguese economy. These were difficult years for all Portuguese people, in austerity, with more unemployment and less disposable income.

In this context, and on the Government’s initiative, in 2012 a mechanism was introduced in the Foreigners’ Act to attract foreign investment, in this case investment by nationals of non-EU countries, allowing them, upon meeting certain conditions, to become holders of a residence permit in Portugal, which came to be known as a “gold visa”.

Over the years, this mechanism has been one of the flagships of economic diplomacy pursued by the government, by Portugal’s embassies abroad, and also by government investment attraction agencies.

This residence permit quickly aroused the interest of international investors and sponsors, and it helped that Portugal was perceived as a stable and safe country, politically, economically, and socially.

It wasn’t the investors who defined where to invest, nor the conditions for granting “gold visas”. It was the successive governments that modeled and perfected the respective legal regime in order to attract more investors, through differentiated investment activities, according to the amounts, types of investment, and location.

The result of this public policy of attracting investment is visible in the statistics released by the Foreigners and Borders Service. Between October 2012 and February 2023, 11,758 residence permits were granted to citizens from the four corners of the world, with the overall value of this investment exceeding 6.8 billion Euros.

Over the years, the Foreigners and Borders Service has never met the deadlines set by law for processing applications, leaving investors months and years waiting for a favorable response, despite the large administrative fees paid by them and their families.

On November 9, 2022, after the Prime Minister stated that he was considering putting an end to the “gold visa” regime, the Minister of Economy publicly announced the creation of a commission with representatives from the Ministries of Economy, Internal Administration and Foreign Affairs to evaluate the program’s impact.

By 2023, and as part of a broader program (Mais Habitação) aimed at adopting emergency measures to respond to the difficulties faced by Portuguese families in accessing decent housing at prices compatible with their income, investors were surprised by the Portuguese government’s abrupt decision to end the “golden visa” regime, allegedly because it contributed to real estate speculation.

The truth is that the government is not just trying to close down this instrument for attracting investment to our economy, its purpose being to protect the Portuguese people’s access to housing.

Without any impact study of this program having ever been made, namely as to its return in terms of wealth generated, jobs created, taxes collected, the Government also wants to take away the residence permit that was granted to around 12,000 investors and around 20,000 family members in exchange for their investment in Portugal, imposing on them a permanent residence obligation that was not initially established.

In other words, the Government’s proposal is not limited to preventing new investments from being made. It intends to go further, with other objectives that have nothing to do with the Mais Habitação Program and that reveal a strange prejudice against foreign citizens who should also be protected by the rule of law in Portugal

All these citizens are seeing the protection and security of their investments jeopardized by measures that are unjustified and discriminatory.

These citizens thus feel defrauded by the Portuguese State which, between 2012 and 2022, actively promoted a mechanism aimed at making investments and donations under certain conditions that are now being changed, without their constitutionally protected rights or interests being safeguarded.

In light of the above, the undersigned hereby appeal to the Government, in the persons of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Housing, to all Members of Parliament and, ultimately, to the President of the Republic, that, with regard to the “gold visas” regime and within the scope of their respective powers

  1. Avoid the adoption of any measures that have a retroactive nature, in clear violation of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, by offending the principles of legal certainty and the protection of confidence.

  2. Avoid the adoption of any measures that affect the stability of investments made in Portugal and change the assumptions under which these investors were granted residence permits designed for this category, namely by contradicting the obligation that was legally imposed on them to maintain the investments in question for a minimum period of 5 years.

  3. Allow for a legislative transition that protects all ongoing investments and does not affect a sector of activity that has always sought to adapt to the requirements that have been imposed from time to time.

  4. Adopt measures that do not contribute to a massive recourse to the courts to demand from the Portuguese State fair compensation for damages caused by the application of unconstitutional legislation.

Thanks to everyone who shared the petition around the forum already, and @aabukh who already created a thread for it (sorry, I’ll replace it with this one so we can make it a sticky announcement banner).


The id field doesn’t seem to support alphanumerics and my passport is alphanumeric do I just enter the numbers?

Yeah, I think that would make sense in that case!

Folks, if 7500 signatures can be collected by Thursday, it will give our advocates a seat at the table in parliamentary negotiations. Please, urgently seek additional signatures from your family members, Portuguese friends, and others who have any legitimate stake in this.

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We need to roughly double the signatures. I hope the petition can be spread in the wechat @jasonzhu was talking about?


Can some folks on various FB groups like “Americans in Portugal” stump there too? I don’t think anyone knew about the signature count requirement and deadline, and the benefit of signing. I hope that such clarification will help to get people off the fence. I’m not on FB so seeking volunteers!

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I am going to vote now. This seems like a huge win if we have someone in parliamentary discussions advocating for our rights!


Golden Visa/Golden Residence Permit/ARI Investors, we are nearing an important deadline on the Petition that Thomas headlines on Nomadgate. We need to get more coverage. Please respond to this post with any Facebook group you know which has anything to do with people who may be invested in the ARI scheme.
Thank you!

Unfortunately they need to scale to much larger groups of people /expats or there is no chance to hit the number by Thursday.
Apparently some submissions are getting rejected presumably because they are not confirming the email that is sent after submission.

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I signed the petition a couple of days ago (with NIF).
I just checked my email including junk box. There is nothing of confirmation e-mail. So I went to re-sign the petition, but being told “the signature already exists with the number 1137”.

Thanks for alerting to this petition, we have signed and shared with others. However, something strange is happening with signatures - last night as I checked there were about 3,900 signatures, but then suddenly dropped to 2,700 in an instant, and now as I just checked this morning it is around 3,500. Are they rejecting many signatures as not confirmed? Btw, the two of us signed, but only one got a confirmation email.

I had same situation wife got confirmation and I did not but tells me I have already signed if I try again. Checked my spam and trash boxes as well but no email

The numbers are fewer just now (3734) than they were last night. I imagine that the system requires people to confirm their email address, and many do not do so (or do not get the email or do not refresh their inboxes). In my case, the email confirmation request came within seconds of sending.
Im hoping that for applicants with families, that each member of the family has separately signed with a separate email? Not to do so would be a waste of a vote. Each person counts.

The petition deadline has been extended to Monday because Monday is holiday in Portugal.
There is still time to get friends, family, neighbors to sign the petition.

Its important because over 7,500 signatures means that the parliament must give this group representing us a seat at the table to explain their positions.

Make sure you confirm your signature in the email that is sent after you sign - otherwise your vote doesnt count

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As of now, the counter is showing 4,257 signatures. We need a lot more to get to 7,500 by Monday.

Look at current rate, it is not going to reach 7500 by next Monday.

I am not involved but can someone explain how this proposed legislation puts investments at risk? I understand the individual may not be able to remain but the investment is unaffected?

Let’s assume you invested in real estate, or really anything for that matter. Next assume the government takes draconian steps to interfere in the market to intentionally tank the prices of real estate generally and destroy investor trust it has taken 10+ years to nurture. Investment will dry up (at least in the near-term) and no one will feel safe investing in Portugal. This means there will be no one to finance construction, no one to purchase higher priced properties. The economy will wither and it’s possible that all asset classes will decrease in value. This forecast isn’t a certainty, but its a possible scenario in this foolish gambit.