Spouse's Golden Visa: Do they need a NIF?

Hi, I sent in my application for the Golden Visa a while ago, but I just got married and we are submitting an application for my spouse. The lawyer is saying that my spouse doesn’t need an NIF, but I just wanted to double check here that that’s correct, as I’ve seen in a few other places that both spouses need an NIF. Thanks in advance!!

The dependent does not need a NIF.

You will need NIF when you apply for a SNS card.

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I don’t think the dependent needs a NIF for just the application. But they will need it for absolutely everything else they do in Portugal so your spouse should get one.


The hangup for him was just paying the 250 Euros / year for “tax representation” Mercan suggests indefinitely when we aren’t even planning on living in Portugal, and therefore he wouldn’t really need one for anything other than the GV application. Is tax representation really necessary, or can you just choose to be notified by the government by email if they want anything, and ask Portuguese-speaking friends for a translation if we can’t figure it out with Google Translator?

The official requirement is at this link and depends on whether you are officially residing in Portugal or not: Emigrantes fora da UE poderão trocar representante fiscal por notificações eletrónicas - XXIII Governo - República Portuguesa.


Damn thank you so much Onward! This forum is such a great resource in general:)

Follow up question: What kind of notifications do you get from the government at that portal if you don’t live in the country and don’t make any income there? Is it simply notifications, or are you required to respond in some way? Like does the tax representation actually do anything aside from receive notifications and translate and forward them to you?

Ask your lawyer for direct access. Normally you should have this with your NIF. But sometimes the lawyers deal with questions from AT directly. But they should have your login information, and you should ask for it. You can manage things yourself at (Portal das Finanças) after you register. You will need your NIF, telephone number and address.

Once you log in, you will need to navigate the site and one way to do that is just to follow the instructions given here How to Request a Declaration of No Debt to Finance » Online. to get the no-debt certificate.
Its all in portuguese, so take your time as its not very user friendly…!!.