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One of the best websites out there about international tax, banking and compliance, was Sadly, it has been offline for many weeks already, so perhaps it is gone forever… :sob:

However, I did scrape the site in July 2017, so I have a copy of the entire site as of then. So to share it all with you, I’ve uploaded it to

Let’s hope the original site comes back, and that Streber continues to write new content there. But for now, we have a way of accessing his old content. :tada:

Let me know if you spot any broken links, or other problems with the mirror and I’ll see if I can fix it.


Wow! Thank you tkrunning!

Did you see it coming or do you just casually have a offline of the whole internet? :wink:

Haha, you might think so, no? :joy: I started doing occasional copies of the site after it went down a couple years ago and all the contents of the old forum was permanently lost.

Awesome, thanks @tkrunning! :clap:

Hiya @tkrunning
Why all of these happening to What’s the reason? Why website is gone down and it’s Twitter accountis not updating anymore?

Your guess is as good as mine at this point…

Streber was a great resource which I read many times. Very sad to learn of its demise.

Hey guys! In case you didn’t see it yet, has finally returned! I’ll keep live for now, in case the original disappears again. I won’t update the mirror with the new content as long as the original is live, so go to for the latest and greatest :slight_smile:

I’ve received a couple of questions about how I created the copy of Streber’s site. The best tool I know is SiteSucker for macOS. If you’re running a different OS, you could check out ScrapBook for Firefox. Note that it’s not compatible with FF Quantum, however.

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It looks like is down again, but is still up :slight_smile:

…hope the website can online again

thank you for that @tkrunning

Haven’t visited the st reber site for a while now… hopefully it will come back to life :slight_smile:


Many thanks for the mirror. Does anyone knows will streber be back? What happened to him to disappear? What are the alternative websites that have similar contents?

Tnx :blush:

no body knows…

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Thanks @tkrunning

Many pages in this mirror are missings in articles. Here STREBER Weekly » Page 6 of 17 » Offshore banking, incorporations, payments, and compliance. pages from 7 Nomad Gate – Your Guide to a Location-Independent Life to the near of the very last pages is missing. Could you please fix these?

Tnx and best of luck :blush:

These navigational pages probably haven’t been indexed due to the page depth (how many clicks from the front page they are) settings used when crawling the site. The articles should still be indexed, and are probably available through other paths (via tags/categories, searching Google, etc).

I might try to make the content more accessible and easier to navigate in the future, but it’s not in my immediate plans.

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Thanks so much for keeping this amazing offshore investment website alive. :blush: