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(Thomas K. Running) #1

One of the best websites out there about international tax, banking and compliance, was Sadly, it has been offline for many weeks already, so perhaps it is gone forever… :sob:

However, I did scrape the site in July 2017, so I have a copy of the entire site as of then. So to share it all with you, I’ve uploaded it to

Let’s hope the original site comes back, and that Streber continues to write new content there. But for now, we have a way of accessing his old content. :tada:

Let me know if you spot any broken links, or other problems with the mirror and I’ll see if I can fix it.

(wischi) #2

Wow! Thank you tkrunning!

Did you see it coming or do you just casually have a offline of the whole internet? :wink:

(Thomas K. Running) #3

Haha, you might think so, no? :joy: I started doing occasional copies of the site after it went down a couple years ago and all the contents of the old forum was permanently lost.

(Josh Cutler) #4

Awesome, thanks @tkrunning! :clap: