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Pasted from Danish Soomro’s Facebook announcement:

Ok guys so one year ago I took a challenge to create a global database of 100K available travel, residency and immigrant visas for 200 countries. It took 3 of us a 1.2 years to manually curate all visas and index in away for you to find visas in 2-clicks based on your citizenship :slight_smile: we also added laws, culture, health requirements and other high-risk data. We were funded by EU and other Govts to make this happen.

Beta version is ready now for you to check its free ofcos and give us feedback please :slight_smile: . I am also looking for partners or contributors in EACH country to keep this the most updated database in the world. :pray::pray::pray:This could turn into money making opportunity in the future :slight_smile:

We are thinking to release an API for this data to the world please reach out if you need to have access to this data.

We are looking for press contacts to spread this free resource around the world. Are you the one or know someone? :pray::pray:

This is the first version n work in progress please spot bugs and help me to improve it. Forgive us for small issues n errors in advance :pray::pray::pray:


Please direct feedback to the website else it will not be seen. I am not the author, I have shared this link here in case anyone finds it useful.

When I search for that I see 2 results. It says it takes 8 years with property ownership.

When I go to the news feed, 2 of the most recent 20 stories are about India.

The investment amounts that you refer to were introduced 19 September 2018 (1,000,000 USD was first introduced in 2017).

I did have to google that, so I think that you are correct that Danish’s website is missing some citizenship routes.

Hey guys it’s me here :slight_smile: I thought I should answer the feedback I received above. I appreciate the link share. Appreciate the criticism as well.

I manage a community of 100K digital nomads and visa is the number one problem which needed to be solved. I just made an attempt.

  1. This is the first database ever which has residency and immigration routes. Not all of them of course, but we are adding new visas every day. Hey, it’s a free tool, costs no money to user.

  2. Wikipedia is good resource, but no guarantees of correct info. We are monitoring 200+ government websites to keep the data updated.

  3. I also created the citizenship tool. It’s not perfect, but soon will be :slight_smile:

  4. Passport Index is a ranking for tourist visas only, and yes I agree, people have done that before but not tried to attempt every visa.

  5. I am in beta. With time I will improve of course. But this project is funded by EU so far :slight_smile: I would not mention it otherwise, right :slight_smile:


Requires login but only offers social account login, which doesn’t work.

Hi @Danish_Soomro, and welcome to the community! :tada: Thanks for jumping in, and for building this tool.

While it’s expected that it’s a bit rough around the edges at this stage, it has a lot of potential!

I wouldn’t use it as an authoritative source on travel visas (for now), for that it’s better to use these tools. But as a starting point for further research into long-term residency visas or citizenship opportunities, it definitely has value.

Some immediate improvements I’d recommend:

  • Make sure the chosen citizenship country stays the same and don’t revert back to the country where you are on every page load.
  • Like @mrussell.gab I’d also like to see a regular email signup option

Looking forward to seeing how the product will evolve :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the feedback. Yes we really need to improve the UI. Actually I designed the UI Myself lolx as we could not find a good UI designer. There are many minor errors which will be resolved in beta v2 and before the official launch.

For visa information, we have a build a state of art monitoring system for visa changes in 200 countries as our business model is data API for visas and other high risk information. Though we will need to build the credibility first and it will take some time and alot of work. For now continue to use timatic.

Please do keep me posted if you would like to see anything in particular.

Cheers. :slight_smile: Good day sir.

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