EU Digital Nomad Visa

Hello Beautiful People!
I’m a US citizen looking to spend more than 90 days twice a year in the EU (after they decide to let us in, of course!)

It’s my understanding that there are 4 possible countries that offer a Digital Nomad Visa (below).

Does anyone have knowledge about which one might be the easiest (meaning lease bureaucracy? Or the cheapest?

Estonia’s new visa will roll out June 1.

Czech Republic, whose so-called zivno visa — short for “zivnostenské opravneni” – is a type of long-term business visa for freelancers and other independent or remote workers.

Germany offers a “freiberufler” visa specifically for freelancers as well as remote and self-employed workers that is typically granted for three months but can be converted into a residence permit.

Portugal offers a temporary resident visa for independent workers and entrepreneurs.

Hello Dream,

Welcome to the community! As a US citizen you have the advantage of a large number of countries to choose from. Because of the length of visa free time given to you with most of these countries and considering the fact that you are not looking to stay very long or trying to stay in any one place permanently, I don’t think you need to bother with any type of visa.

For Europe consider Bulgaria (90 days), Latvia (180 days), Poland (90 days), Portugal (90 days) and Serbia (90 days).

Please allow me to bring Asia to your attention. You get to go to and should consider Cambodia (30 days), Georgia (1 year), Indonesia (30 days), Malaysia (90 days), Philippines (30 days), Thailand (30 days) and Vietnam (up to 1 year tourist visa for Americans only).

I hope you enjoy your decision(s) and have a dream experience :smile:


I’ve been here for a while, but thanks for the welcome.

I must not have been clear. I have been a DN for 2 years now. I want to be able to stay in EU for longer than 90 days at a time. I will look into Latvia - thanks! Where can I find official information on this please?

If I am staying in Georgia for 1 year, how many months do I actually have to be in Georgia? it gets pretty cold there… can I travel about the EU if I have 1 year visa in Georgia? Where can I find official information on this please?

Thank you!

Oh sorry, for some reason I thought you were new. In any case it’s a pleasure to share the little I know with you and others .

For staying longer than 90 days in EU without a visa you have Albania (1 year), UK (180 days) and Latvia (180 days). If going to UK avoid London as renting there is overpriced. Consider places like Manchester where the cost of renting is more affordable, has an airport and has attractions both locally and close by.

As far as I am aware, you can spend as long as you like in Georgia as this is the privilege your passport gives you. It does get cold but like you pointed out, you can travel to warmer countries.

Please find useful websites below that should interest you. The first two websites has visa/visa free travel information for all countries.

Sorry I have no new info for you regarding DN visa mainly because I have not been looking at it for a while (my focus is more towards permanent residency) but will share if I do.

Thank you Akan!
That was all very good information!

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Hi, Akan,
you sounds like know a lot about visas,
How about Canadian passport? any countries to stay more than 180 days visa free?

Hi Cooleo,

I just have a few good sites and people I pay attention to. Check out this web site for example

For 180 days and above visa free you have UK, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, Panama, Mexico, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, United States and Georgia.

There are many lovely places you can go to visa free for 90 days that you should still look at. You also have countries (eg Thailand and Panama) that you can get residency because of your passport.


While you are not looking at visa locations, take a look at the MM2H visa from Malaysia. It is a 10 years visa you get by making a fixed deposit which you get back. It costs MR300,000 (CAD94,413) if you are below 50 years and MR150,000 (CAD47,206) if you are 50 years and above. After the first 12 months you can take out MR150,000 (CAD47,206) if you are below 50 and MR50,000 (CAD15,735) if you are above 50 years (note that you do not get the cash but can use it to buy a house, car or pay rent).

Malaysia is a territorial tax country with great medical services, great and affordable quality of life (for as little as about $25 per night, you can get an apartment with an infinity pool on the roof which happens to be 30 or 40 floors), English speaking, cheap/affordable international flights, amazing food and so much to talk about (you have 30 days visa free to see for yourself).

While your passport lets you get many visa free locations, still look at locations that you still need visa for (for example, I know of a guy earning above 200k US, living in Sri Lanka and paying around $250 per month for rent and bills in his co-working/co-living space).

You can use this to live tax free legaly…

Where do you learn this? officially? Why I can not find any information about it? Canada dose not looks like close-tied with neither Thailand nor Panama etc…

Why bother asking? You have no clue about the things you talk about and rather than be happy about the fact that a total stranger went through the effort to provide detailed information for you about your country and the advantages (most of which a simple google search would have done for you) available to you, you felt the need to be… well… you.

I am sorry I bothered and will not be making that mistake again.

Have a good one…