Estonia Creates Digital Nomad Visa


I am not sure how ‘gimmicky’ these visa’s are, or if they are a bit like eResidency that has little value for tax purposes unless you actually stay in Estonia. It would be interesting to know how many countries welcome and offer temporary residency visas for self sufficient business people anyway. They just don’t call them nomad visa’s. In the end the governments goal is to get people to come and reside for a period of time and pay taxes and spend their money in the host country.
On the other hand, as we know, showing a visa from country x does not conclusively prove your tax residency in that country, e.g. to the tax authorities of other countries.
Another question is, if a nomad takes a stay visa in country x and then keeps on travelling and does not stay long enough in any other country to trigger their tax rules, then will country x claim their visa holders are still tax liable to them (in the absence of any other tax residency)?
Then you have countries like Georgia that are in a class of their own, where, if you are a citizen of ~90 countries, you can enter and stay and enjoy a range of great tax schemes while working for up to a year with no special visa or residency permit required. Tax residency is established on the 183 day stay rule.

If you read what’s in the links/posts you will find that it is not an e-residency but a visa that lets you go to and live in Estonia. You choose how long you want the visa for (up to a year).

Please note that I said nothing about tax in my topic and placed this under location because everyone is different and has different needs so is free to plan according to their needs and desires.

The idea behind my post is to increase awareness of the available options and hope that some can benefit or add more useful information on the issue.


Just for clarity. If you are a citizen of an EU member state, I’m guessing this won’t benefit you in the slightest. Or perhaps I’m missng something?

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No type of visa is targeted at those who have freedom to travel there.

Ok Thanks. I just wanted to clarify as in some EU states it can be nightmarish getting set up even as an EU member state.

There are a number of well respected experienced EU nationals on this platform with better knowledge about business in Europe than myself. You could make a post with your desires while stating your country(ies) of origin for these ladies and gentlemen to offer you advice…

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Thanks for the informative post; at the bottom of the article it stated:

As for now, countries that offer visas for digital nomads are Germany, Estonia, Costa Rica, Norway, Mexico, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

I didn’t know about these other 6 countries offering them! If anyone have had experience with such visa (in DE, NO , PT and CZ), we would appreciate some feedback.


It looks like whoever authored that article did some lazy fact checking. My guess is that they got that list from this “article”:

While some of these are actual visas that while not marketed as “digital nomad visas” are potentially interesting (e.g. the freelancer visa in Germany has long been popular with nomads), others aren’t even visa schemes at all, like the “Norwegian DN visa”.

The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is entirely visa-free due to the Svalbard Treaty of 1920. While not a place you’d want to stay for very long, with the significant population of Thai immigrants you may find some decent food. Plus it has a surprisingly good internet connectivity for such a remote place. But no, there’s definitely no DN visa there.