Barbados has unveiled a new 12-month work visa for digital nomads

Dubbed the “Barbados Welcome Stamp” and launching this week, the program will allow visitors to stay on the Caribbean island for up to one year. The aim is to attract remote workers, with a bill to be introduced in Parliament by the government that will remove the local income taxes that normally kick in after six months.


Interesting to see more countries jump on this trend! Also nice that they plan to pass a tax bill to exempt visa holders from local taxes as well—something missing from Estonia’s program.

While I’ve never been, I’m not convinced Barbados’ internet infrastructure is adequate for most remote workers, though. But I may be wrong!

Yeah, it would be nice if more countries do this. I was looking at Barbados even before the visa as I have 6 months visa free entry.

A digital nomad I follow gave their internet the thumbs up. In any case, it would be more play and less or no work if I go there…

interesting to see that Barbados is getting more capital in by being more open to foreigners

Wow! this is cool! yeah, more countries should do this. If 10+ countries join this trend, then we can become true digital nomads, global citizens, etc :smiley:

I found it is more and more difficult to become a global citizent these years.
I have to struggling to keep a phone number / a resident address etc , which I dont really have and dont really need

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Try Dingtone phone number? or Freezvon number?

For your current lifestyle and choices, you don’t have or need a phone number or address (which is cool). However, being a global citizen means you use a passport from a country. Every country you go to sees you as their tax resident or that of the country whose passport you hold.

To avoid the headache of resolving years of unpaid tax and fines, just pick somewhere that suits you and get formal documents to show that you have tax residence there even if you don’t spend time there.

Yes it will cost you some money but it will save you more than the legal cost and fines that could/will come


So you think it is all about Taxes? Have you heard of Non-tax-resident?

As what I know, Nobady wants to be a 'home’less people, It happens that way just because there is no place I can call ‘home’, so have to keep looking…


For someone who says that they are struggling to keep a phone number or address, I am very impressed with the fact you know what a tax non resident is. Great job buddy, you are on to impressive knowledge…

You don’t get to say this and then say you don’t want or need a home. It’s insulting to those who are truly in need

You not only present yourself as not having any tools in your shed, you also expose the lack of ability to use any knowledge or information offered to you.

If you really have a Canadian passport (which I am beginning to doubt), you would be proud to pay tax there as it is one of the few countries you can see where your taxes is spent, can be proud of it and gain from it. Now if you are from Canada and plan not to live there, you can not tell me you plan to pay the high rate of tax to Canada while living in another country for years.

It simply means that you don’t pay and have never paid tax, you don’t know the rates or laws in Canada, you have no clue about other countries and only have access to internet and free time.

Silly statement. I’m certain every country has it’s own definition of what ‘homeless’ is an I doubt you meet them. I also assume you have the ability to secure housing and therefore do not meet the federal definition of ‘homelessness’ as defined by The McKinney-Vento Act in my country (USA). Words have meaning, your feelings have nothing to do with what homeless means.

All getting heated
Can we all keep it on helping each other and positive.
Even if we dont agree on comments let it go over the head
Kill people… with kindness

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It’s hot. 39.1C today.
Folks feeling uppity just part of the season.
Amazed at how helpful so many strangers are here - even with the stress
of one’s country crumbling, its taxes soaring, every spouse and partner screaming, “Don’t you know the answers? Why am I with you?”
Over 40.0C tomorrow. Ain’t all bad. Sure glad not in America or Canada. Chaos and the brain-dead.
The Bad Guys are running that show, that stage.

Barbadian resident here - rest assured that the internet infrastructure is well developed in Barbados. There is fibre to majority of homes across whole island, with local providers being Flow (C&W/Liberty - & Digicel ( being local ISPs. Prices are in B$, which is 2;1 with US$.

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This is a good point, regarding 6 month visa free entry available to some nationalities, as can avoid the US$2k stamp fee, and have virtually same status, may have to have a return flight booked to allow entry, and leave and return after 6 month period, but this will be more likely anyway once flights are back up and running. Would definitely look into options prior to arrival…