Bermuda Opens Its Doors To Digital Nomads offering a 1-year pass costing $263

Starting August 1st, you can apply for a “One Year Residential Certificate” at a cost of $263.


The cost of living is horrendous though.

Barbadous. Looks somewhat onerous too

Estonia & Georgia look more user friendly, I heard there is talk of Croatia may be considering

Here is hoping there comes some good out of COVID. in the respect of lifting of visa limitations / extending visa duratioms for many countries over the next couple of years as they seek to recover tourism / spending and the like.
They may actually see the benefit of Nomad Community to their local economy

Fingers crossed we may end up with a specific thread listing each country and the options :smiley:

Barbados looks good vakue for money,or%20US%243%2C000%20for%20families.&text=Our%20new%2012-month%20Barbados,world’s%20most%20beloved%20tourism%20destinations.”


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That’s terrible! so this is ideal for millionaires only.

Agreed have a look at Barbados new nomad progam onky $2K a year and dont have to stay there use the residency benefits for other opportunities like Banking etc

I am currently a resident of Bermuda and have been for a long time.
This program is not designed for the ‘typical’ digital nomad. It is designed for the senior executives and their families who are working remotely in their present location that may want to relocate to a safer destination. There are currently only 6 active Covid-19 cases in Bermuda - all imported and caught from testing on arrival at the airport. Every single arrival is tested prior to arriving in Bermuda, on arrival and at day 4 and day 14.
Violent crime is uncommon.

On the on the other hand cost of living is very high. You need to be earning 6 figures to support yourself. There are no tax benefits under this program. It is a short term relocation only and will not change your tax domicile.

While internet speeds are high, opening a bank account will take weeks and you will be subject to intense scrutiny. Don’t expect a wide variety of goods or efficient customer service.


I have seen this as well but I cannot find any more information on it. Perhaps I should start a new thread.