Antigua & Barbuda to introduce a Digital Nomad Visa?

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to have a few governments keen on attracting ‘long stay’ remote workers over short stay & package deal tourists. First off there was Estonia who created the first official Digital Nomad Visa, then we have Barbados and their 12 month work visa for Digital Nomads, I think Georgia have also just introduced something similar.

I have now seen this about Antigua & Barbuda but I can’t find anything else online about this. Does anyone have any further info?

Their residency program is not new. It requires a real estate investment of no less than US$400,000 as well as an annual lump-sum tax payment of US$75,000. They are looking for people who will commit to paying taxes over five years, minimum.

Hello Akan,
I am aware of Anguilla’s tax residency program yes, however I am talking about another Caribbean country. The announcement is about Antigua & Barbuda and their Digital Nomad Residence Program. Currently they only offer a Citizenship By Investment Program.

Hi David,

Sorry, my mistake

No worries!

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