Croatia next in line to launch digital nomad visa

On 26 August Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic suggested that the government will launch a digital nomad visa by 2021, the new visa will allow a 12-month stay for bona fide nomads, who can tick a checklist of requirements, include health insurance, no criminal record, and proof of a certain level of income (this is expected to be lower than Estonia).


This is very interesting… but I doubt if anyone will want to visit EU until this crazy COVID-19 is over.

When COVID-19 is finally over after a year or two, we may be able to live forever on digital nomad VISAs from many countries like Estonia, Croatia, Bahamas, etc.

It depends on where one is coming from and what their goals are. Most people who can visit EU for up to 3 months will not be likely to take such visa as they can enter these countries anyway and don’t need to spend the extra money on the visa, registration and local insurance. Most nomads would rather keep it moving from place to place.

With respect to Covid, it also depends on where you are coming from, what type of health care is available, what is the cost of health care, do you care about covid (I do but not everyone does or at least not for long).

All the countries looking to offer Nomad visas look like they will be offering them around 2021. We have heard a lot about them for a while now but non of them have done much in a long while. The advantage of these visas is that you have legal documents proving that you have residence somewhere and hopefully tax free if not reduced from what you are used to. You have the chance to open local bank accounts in different currencies that were not available to you before and you are able to network and meet/employ a lot more people as a result of your increased exposure.