Need input for a Digital Nomad website

Hi guys! Have you ever heard about a website called “Nomad List”?

Altough I liked some of the features the page offers I have always thought such a great concept for digital nomads like myself could be done much better, cheaper and provide much more value… (some of the alternatives don’t look that great either.) This left me frustrated for a while until I together with some other devs decided to build a better version of it that addresses the pain points of the community and implements new ideas. We also would like to make the digital nomad community participate of this project and develop it with your input.

If you’ve ever used NomadList, your input on this quick survey would be super!! Thanks in advance nomads!!

I moved on from expectations about Nomad List some time ago after consistently failing to find what I wanted there. @Adrian_Danlos I hope this topic persists & gives you what you are looking for & that you post at least one follow-up message here when your site goes live.

In the hope it supports community engagement here, this is what I put for the long answers:

  • [positive features of Nomad List] Relative costs of living (I don’t expect realistic values but they’re still useful when comparing one city to another)
  • [negative features] No flexibility in how these cost-of-living assessments are made: so I can’t adjust them to my own parameters. And I’ve seen figures so out-of-line with my own direct experience living in some of these places that I feel the information quickly gets out of date without the reader being notified (especially things that change rapidly like Internet services, speeds & costs).
  • [improvements wanted]
    • Flexible & faceted search, with the ability to get some idea how frequently or recently the data set has been updated.
    • Also, I hadn’t thought of it until the final question, but it would be nice if we could have community pages linked to the data set for each city. It’s hard to find people who & forums that can answer specific questions about living in a particular place, so it would be brilliant click from city pages into user created topics & replies.

For many topics on NomadGate and potentially on Nomad list where information rapidly changes or becomes obsolete it would be quite helpful, in my opinion, to have a wiki type approach. It makes it easy to update information by trusted members and keep the most accurate and relevant information front and center. Otherwise, important posts get lost in the clutter and people repost the same questions over and over, resulting in the most knowledgeable members losing interest and stopping participation. Just my 2c.

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