Portugal Golden Visa Timeline Database

@tkrunning, is it possible to make this thread a ‘sticky’ so that it will appear at the top of the topic list? I’ve found this database to be helpful, and sometimes its a struggle to find it.

Results table:

Credit and thanks to @loheiman for creating this spreadsheet and the original post.


Thanks for making this thread, agreed this is a good idea

Great spreadsheet, but I have tried to edit, and separately provided updated information, to no avail. Can someone please advise how we can update our information on this for the benefit of the group?

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Submit your timeline again and I can delete your old one. Or provide a comment in the sheet with new dates and I’ll add them.

Done on the sheet via comments. Please let me know if you don’t see them.

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I also added an update via a comment.

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I haven’t seen any new entries added to this spreadsheet in the past month… do you think there is a problem with the form?

Are people able to update their original entries or will a new entry be added when they submit (just wondering if there are double entries)?

There is an issue with the “Responses by Form Submission Date” tab not automatically updating when new entries are made. I have to manually refresh/force it to pull in new data from the raw responses tab. It doesn’t take long for me to do but it is manual.

I wish I had made the sheet directly editable. I can still do that but I’m concerned about exposing people’s emails/names without their consent and there does need to be some unique identifier to allow people to update their timeline when updates happen. Any ideas for how to make this transition would be great.

Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions on the database transition, but I do appreciate you being careful with everyone’s personal information.

Thank you again for creating this database.

I could mask a portion of people’s names/identifier eg. Dave@gmail.com could be D***e@gmail.com. That plus the form submission and application date should be enough for people to find their entry and update it.


That works for me! Thanks for the database and for your sensitivity to personal info disclosure.