Current waiting time for pre-approvals

I was told that there was a crazy rush towards the end of last year (Dec-21) to get investors (€350k) applications uploaded. Do we know if SEF pre-approvals have started coming through for those applications?

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The latest applications I have seen pre approved are from first week of December 2021 and that wave of preapprovals was at least a few weeks ago. I’m at the very end of December for a 350k project, no pre approval in sight. I’m hoping it arrives this year!

This is a good thread to keep an eye on as people provide updates here:

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Thank you @daj852
Fingers crossed

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Same, I was also one of those “mad rush” got mine in by the end of the year. Still no pre-approval yet.

Mine was submitted on 6 December 2021 and was pre-approved on 13 October. So pleased! My husband’s (based on my GV application) was submitted on 9 December 2021 and is still awaiting approval. My solicitor (Dixcart) says it shouldn’t be too long now.


@macheetham Congratulations and wish you well going forward. I was informed that my wife and kids can submit their applications as soon as my pre-approval comes through. Something worth checking i guess when i am in Portugal next week.

Did you post your info on the spreadsheet? If not, please do!

Would love to. But I can’t find where it is. Can you help at all?

Thank you. It was a big relief and felt like a step forward in the right direction.

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Just requested access to edit / add my details to the database. Clearly seems Nov-21 applications are being reviewed and approved now (almost a year later). Assume the entire process could take much longer than anticipated.

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Is this spreadsheet/database still in use as I do not see any entries after 20th Sept?