Preapproval timing

Anyone have an update on the preapproval timeframe recently following application? Made my application back in August and the site still says application under analysis…

Mine was also submitted in August (around the 20th I think) and I was informed of preapproval about the 7th of November.

12 weeks seems to be on average. So you should have gotten it. I think it also depends on the center. which one was yours ?

My lawyer said 3-4 months, submitting this week or next hopefully, just waiting on some translations

Our final bits (family reunification apps) were just submitted, and our lawyer said they are seeing a period of 10-12 weeks for the analysis step.

Mine took very long. 8 months from submission to pre-approval.

Still waiting - my submission was middle-to-end of July, so at about 4.5 months now.

Wow, that is very long! I was told the pre-approval is about 10/11 weeks.

Submitted online September 3rd 2021. Pre approval received 13 weeks later. Family of 6