The best internet phone service that works in any country

1. Dingtone - Internet Phone Number

Dingtone Android, iOS app can give you a fully working phone number from US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherland for under $5! I’ve been using Dingtone for 8 years now. I can’t think about a better service. No documents required to open up your Dingtone account. Just sign up on Google Play or Apple store with your e-mail and charge your account balance. Then you’re all set! You can pay per use.

2. Freezvon - Real Phone Number

Freezvon is the best real phone number provider I’ve used. Dingtone numbers are internet phone numbers so some companies will refuse to send SMS verification to Dingtone numbers. That’s where Freezvon comes in. Freezvon allows you to buy real local phone numbers. Check their list of supported countries. They have phone numbers from all around the world. Freezvon is more expensive than Dingtone. You’ll have to spend about $20 - $60 to set up a working phone number in a country of your choice. I used Freezvon number for Twitter SMS verification. It worked well without an issue. No documents required to sign up. You can pay month to month using debit or credit card. There’s no long-term contract.


No idea why you can download Dingtone from Amazon. However, unlike Google Play, you can input the Amazon URL for Dingtone to Fakespot uses algorithms based on the source and content of reviews to assess if they’re fake. Fakespot gives an A grade to Dingtone’s 3.5 star rating.

Dingtone has over 500,000+ positive reviews on Google Play store: