The Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa

It is hard for anyone to give you advice because you yourself don’t seem to know what you want. If you are already working in PT then you are on a potential path to citizenship and to get what you want. So leaving for Canada would actually frustrate your stated goal.

I was surprised when I estimated too, especially figuring in the lost opportunity costs of pulling money out of healthy investments for something most likely with a much lower ROI for that period of time.

Yeah that one’s futzy. You might want to talk to a professional. If they’re insisting on work status, you might be outta luck, but that’s well beyond the bounds of this thread, other than to say ARI/GV isn’t likely to be of any more help to you than any other visa you could get; it’s not going to instantly give you EU wide work status in any event.

Yeah, I understand Im not as clear as I would like to be either. Thanks for the help, as I suspected a 5 year stay could get me where I want. It’s an investment with time. I’ve learned a lot on this forum though so It’s been a great deal of help, thanks!

1- Currently, Schengen visa is not given for biometrics due to Covid?! only national visa is offered. Does this visa allow travel to all other European countries as well or not?

2- Does the residency status allow work in other European countries or only citizenship allows for that?

3- Was there a cabinet decision yesterday to limit the GV? Is this is effective for all new applications?

Hi, I’m new to the community, so please point me to where I might find more info if my questions have already been asked/discussed.

I’m considering working with Mercan/RAG for Portugal GV. Everything looks legit, but am wondering what additional due diligence might be recommended?

Everything looks legit, but I’m wondering how to cross check legitimacy? Reviewing the various suggestions in this article, none of the funds have the same “one-stop shop” convenience, and the prices/fees seem reasonable. Compellingly, it seems like it should be an advantage to have in-house lawyers/accountants experienced with the process and the investment house, but there could be a potential conflict of interest if I run into problems or my $$$ evaporates somehow. Am I being too paranoid?

Anyone have any experience/feedback working with Mercan/RAG?

Thanks in advance,

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You need to provide them with the criminal records of the country you mention when obtaining your Portuguese tax identification number. The country of Citizenship and tax residence (utility bill provided to obtain you NIF). There is not way for them to know were you lived all your life.

  1. There is now European law which limits the ability to hold both. Correct, the GVPortugal does not allow you to work in Germany.
  2. You can work for other EU companies but have to register at the Portuguese public entities.
  3. The European law does not foresee any limitations.

Thanks for the feedback.

A- What “public entity” are you referring to? For example, if someone wants to work in Germany what do they have to do?

B- What is involved in obtaining another European country residency when holding Portuguese residency?

A- Tax Authority and Social Security. If you want to work in Germany you will have to check the laws foreseen in that country.
B- You need to comply with the laws of the European Country to obtain residency there.
Correction: There is no European law which limits the ability to hold both.


Based on what you said, the clear answer I think is Portugal’s temporary residency is not a guarantee for obtaining any other European country residency or being able to work there. That has to be done on it’s own merits and decided by laws of each and every European country variably.

Furthermore, other European countries will have a more streamlined approach or eve an obligation to allow relocation of *citizens of Portugal to their countries but the same does not extend to *residents of Portugal.

So, in nutshell, Portugal temporary residency (GV) is not a quick pathway (wait 5-7 years first) to other European countries.

correct. :slight_smile: