Tips and advice for Belgian-wanna-be digital nomad in Trinidad and Tobago

Hi everyone and thank you for having me :raised_hands:t3:
Pretty new to this and don’t even know if I’m posting this message where it’s supposed to be posted lol.

My name is Jana and I always loved the idea of traveling and working online, I got more into it when I started a long distance relationship Belgium - Trinidad. My sister also moved to another country so basically I want to work online and travel to see the people I love. :heart: Working online is not a problem. I know what I want to do and have been working online in Belgium as a freelancer. Now the only problem is working outside of Europe/ taxes/ …

Anyone that has experience with having a business registered in the Caribbean (work permit purposes) but being a Belgian resident?
When I am physically in Trinidad I need a work permit to be allowed to work there, eventho my clients are Belgian. So I would be working under my Trinidadian business.
When being back in Belgium, can I continue to work under my Trinidadian business and pay my taxes in Trinidad?

Eventually (probably next year) I am migrating to the Caribbean but for now I am looking for some solutions. Feel free to drop a comment/ advice :palm_tree::facepunch:t3: