Transfer funds from Wealthfront to Charles Schwab international (or any other NRA-friendly brokerage)?

When I lived in the US, I opened a Wealthfront account for automated investing. I don’t live there anymore, became an NRA (non-resident alien) and Wealthfront does not work with NRAs. Rather than liquidating my investments, I’d move them to another (US-based) brokerage who works with NRAs. Is this possible? Are there any pitfalls? What if my broker will be outside the US (if I open IBKR now, it will be Ireland, since I’m EU resident now).
I’m thinking Charles Schwab International could be a good option, but are there any other options people can recommend?

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We’re talking with the David Kuenzi’s team at Creative Planning. It light be worth setting up an initial meeting.

Do they work with NRAs? Judging from their website, i’d say it’s US-citizen tailored…

Klaus Swab From WEF or some body else ?