Opening a bank account in the US as a NRA with an ITIN

Hi everyone,
I’m going to the US in October (SF/LA and SLC) and I was wondering if any of you had experience opening a bank account as a NRA with an ITIN?

I’d like to open at Charles Schwab, JP Morgan or any other solid bank that is either nomad friendly and/or has great credit card rewards.
Putting down an initial deposit (max 30k USD) is not a problem as long as I don’t have to keep that amount stuck inside the account to keep it open.
I know experiences can vary from banker to banker and bank to bank so I’d like to go prepared.

Thanks all!

Hi! I tried to open a Charles Schwab’s or Discovery account, but when you go to the last page to finally open, it does consider you Resident Alien. I don’t know how to get passed that. For non resident alien, Charles Schwab indicates the international account.
For my purposes, I need a US based one, so I couldn’t.

@ashkoba did help me with some information.

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Going to SLC too? Nice

I don’t think opening online is really an option for us for brick-and-mortar banks.
Now the question is: What bank would be willing to open for NRAs?