TransferWise will accept transfers out of EU for a LLC company in USA?

TransferWise will accept transfers out of EU for a LLC company in USA and backwards? If you are a non-resident and of no USA citizenship.

If you use link that I sent to you and if you got EIN from IRS, yes it will work great. Opening account is free. Try it.

Igor, hi! Filled up the form for IRS some days ago, waiting for EIN. Told me max 1 week to expect.
If you are right and it will success I will stay in debt to your hint! Olha

You welcome. Everything will be fine, just get EIN. Maybe you will wait a little bit more because in the US, right now, its very difficult situation, but you will get it. If you need some another advice or support, text me. Regards,

Hello Igor!
Essentially most of EU factories, where I provide engineering and designing consultancies, pay fees to physical persons upon contracts without problems. But there are some kind of special annoyingly proper ones who want so-called transparent deals on other juridical firm only. Still a question remains whether they will accept transferwise as bank facility. But it will be an other question…

When you opened account for your US LLC you will get IBAN/BIC as is in attach. I clear the name of my client’s company and IBAN in purpose.

Igor, you will laugh dead, but one of the most naughty clients is located exactly in Bruesssel. He cant not seize upon such case! Thanks!