Turkey citizenship by investment

Any experiences regarding citizenship by investment in Turkey. Would be grateful to get any input in this regard.

Hi Santosh, yes i have plenty. Feel free to PM me.

What’s the advantage of Turkey CIP? No Schengen access. And the country is slowly going down in terms of civil freedoms along side high inflation.

Here are the countries you can visit with a Turkish passport:

What’s the advantage of any CBI program? If your world is centered in the west, it’s probably not for you, though it provides visa-free access to a lot of interesting countries that are hard for some westerners to visit. If you have a weak passport from Nepal, or Bangladesh, and you want to visit more than five countries in your life, suddenly it looks like a big step up in the world.

Advantages of Turkey:

  • requires only a modest, market-rate investment in residential real estate
  • no donation, low fees–easily the lowest non-recoverable costs for any CBI program in existence
  • earns a decent tier B passport in a few months, vs. years for many other programs
  • a beautiful place to live with great food and weather, in contrast to some tiny, economically undeveloped island

Disadvantages of Turkey:

  • may not be welcoming to all cultures if you choose to live there
  • ruled by a brutal, crazy dictator (Erdogan)
  • at war with everyone
  • currency collapsing, economy struggling because of gross government misbehavior
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