US Banks that accept international transfer via SWIFT code

I’m looking for a US bank that will accept international funds via a SWIFT code (its own SWIFT code, not via an intermediary bank). It’s coming from a currency/country that isn’t supported on TransferWise. The banks I’ve seen recommended for expats (CapitalOne, Schwab) don’t accept foreign wires.

The first result on Google is

Il y a la liste des codes SWIFT:

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Thanks for that! However, since it’s hundreds of banks it doesn’t help narrow down. :slight_smile: The banks I’ve already checked, that don’t accept incoming international funds, are included on that list … so I’m looking more for personal experience with making successful transfers.

Aha! I suspect including “US bank” in a google search would bring them right up the list. :slight_smile: My searches must have been too complex because I didn’t find that info. Thank you

Someone else recommended to me Bank Of America.

The two banks I work with for international incoming wire transfers in the US are Chase and HSBC, especially the latter, which I have used many times. One important detail to bare in mind when doing SWIFT transfers is to opt for paying all the charges as the sender and not share them or ask the receiver to pay them. Whenever I did either of the last two I always ended up paying more for the transfers.