US Resident Portugal Income Tax Filing Requirements

Tax and full time residents of US. Had Portugal income during 2022.

Knowing that we are extremely delayed in filing a tax declaration in PT (mostly due to our inability to find the right resources), what if anything I can do to minimize penalties?

Are there any tax treaty write-offs between the two countries so we don’t get double taxed?

Tried looking for additional information but the solutions I found so far are very expensive ($1200 to file a single document) or very unresponsive.

What is the issue with filing the PT tax declaration?
Is your PT income very complex?

The filing process itself seems reasonably straighforward…

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The sooner you file, the lower the penalty will be. If you have a good reason, you might be able to get them to waive them. But you’ll need to reach out and ask (or your accountant will).

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Don’t think :tm: my taxes are too complicated. We just had one rental income during this year.

My problem primarily has been mostly learning absolutely nothing about the Portuguese tax filing system, listening to own attorney who asked us to not “worry about it”, and eventually being led to some multi-thousand euro tax consultant who would “handle it” every year for us.

I do have a CPA in the US but unsure who the arbitrator is in terms of where the tax is paid and where the write off is. Some initial readings indicate that I can’t be taxed in both countries for the same income but the breakdown is unclear and who handles what.