Using an estonian company for both consulting and investment


Could one use an estonian company for both consulting work, teaching in professional environments and investing in startups (e.g. Business Angel investment)? Or would one need two separate companies, one for teaching/consulting and one for managing the investments?


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Good question @darovera, I’ll be looking to do something similar. And you @salty?

I guess the key here is: will the equity for the investment in startups come from the retained profits of the consulting work?

If yes, then I can see why it makes sense to keep it the same company.

If no - then you actually have an investment holding company that has a side-gig in consulting? I suppose as long as your company charter / memorandum and articles of association doesn’t prohibit this, then I can see this being run in the one company?

Thanks @izamryan. Well the core idea would be indeed to invest the retained profits of the consulting work. The key point is that the consulting work would be something on the side, so profits would take a while to accumulate and I was considering adding some initial capital to be able to invest early on. Does that make any sense?


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Hi Davide! Yes, it is possible to use the same company in Estonia for investing and consulting. Also, you can add some initial capital. It’s best to consult an accountant, how to formalize that part. If it is a lot of money, then banks might start asking questions though :slight_smile: