How to open non resident company in Estonia without monthly tax reporting

Hi all,

I have just activated my Estonian residency and I’m looking for the best way to open a company in Estonia, that I will use as an investment vehicle for ETFs and index funds. It will be run by just myself and with less than 40K income so monthly fees for reporting etc I have no need of. I see some of the services like Xolo mentioning a monthly fee so i’d like to find out what ways I can go about setting up this company, then having my books done once per year.

Many thanks!

Hi Chiko,

It will most likely depend on the service provider you use and the subscription package you select. Probably the minimal cost that you will have will be a contact person and address service which are required if you will manage the company from outside of Estonia, and then the annual report.

Also, please feel free to reach out to us at Incorporate, we also have monthly subscription packages available depending on your needs, and we can assist with your annual reports whenever you need.

Hope it helps!